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Frequently Asked Questions



Is there a trial version? If so, does the trial version have the same features as the purchased version?

Yes. You can download the trial version here.
There are two editions of the trial version: Trial Edition and Trial Server Edition which does have the full feature set. However, there are some limitations in the trial versions.
Note! When you want to order Adit Testdesk, compare its editions and select the one you need.

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What is the main difference between Server and non-Server editions?

The Server editions are supplied with Testserver that can be used for organizing testing through the LAN or the Internet (TCP/IP). Only freeware Testclient has to be installed on the client side.

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Once I download and install the trial version, how long will it be active?

Your trial version will be active within 30 days from the date you install it.

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Can I suggest new features?

Yes, please! If possible, send your suggestions clearly separated and numbered, and as short as possible. You can use our feedback form to contact us.

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How do I uninstall your product(s)?

All our products strictly comply with the Uninstall Standard of Windows and can uninstall all their files and registry keys. Just open the Control Panel and launch Add/Remove Program, find the product you would like to uninstall, click the "Change/Remove" button and follow the instructions.

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I tried to run the downloaded exe file, but my computer says it is not a valid file or the installation is not complete.

You probably got disconnected before the download was complete. Make sure that the file size coincides with that indicated on our download page. If it is smaller, you should try to download it again and make sure the download is complete. We've got hundreds of successful downloads each day so it should work.

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When will I get my registration code after purchase?

You will get the registration code within 1-2 business days.

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I purchased a similar product from other developers, but I am not satisfied with it. Can I get a discount while purchasing your products?

Yes, we provide a special discount for users who are not satisfied with our competitors' products. What you need to do is to provide us with the order receipt of your purchase of our competitors' products and we will give you a discount on purchasing our products.

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