Feature Tour

Adit Testdesk is packed with features. Its usability and functionality is unsurpassed, offering the same convenient, easy to use interface throughout all editions from the most basic to enterprise-grade.

Easy-to-use Graphical Interface

Adit Testdesk is meticulously designed and thoroughly tested with hundreds of users to make the product as easy to learn and to use as possible. The latest release features Office 2016 style look and feel to make office users comfortable with Adit Testdesk. Learn more about Office 2016 style look and feel

64-bit Edition

Are you a heavy user? Installing the new 64-bit edition on a server enables Adit Testdesk to support a lot more clients compared to the 32-bit edition, bringing the number of supported clients from “a lot” to “virtually unlimited”. You’ll also need a 64-bit version of Windows running on that server.

Four Types of Tests

Adit Testdesk supports four types of tests.

  • Assessment is your typical school exam. An answer can be either correct or incorrect, with advanced scoring available.
  • Personality type is perfect for fuzzy and psychology tests. This type of tests allows assigning certain number of points for every variant. Use Personality tests if your test implies more than one correct answer, or each answer can be right or wrong to a degree.
  • Survey is just that, a survey collecting but not grading information.

Paper-Based Tests

Did you know you can design a paper-based test on a computer? Adit Testdesk offers the ability to export and print many types of exams into a paper-based test, giving you the convenience of computer-based design with versatility of pen-and-paper exams.

A Host of Question Types

A multitude of question types is supported by Adit Testdesk. True or false, multiple choice, matching, hotspots, drawing and connecting, essays or even spoken replies are just a few to name, with a number of advanced options available to those running complex tests or exams. Many types of questions commonly used in tests and exams are described below.

Feature Rich Text Editor

Just like Microsoft Office, Adit Testdesk comes with a feature-rich text editor. Basic and advanced text formatting, paragraph aligning, margins, indents, bullets and numbering as well as embedded objects are fully supported. Learn more feature rich text editor


The profile system unties your hands when creating a variety of similar tests or variations of exams. Profiles integrate information about scoring and selecting the questions, allowing to create as many exams as there are students completely automatically.

Answer Outcome

If there’s no single definite answer to a question, rules and conditions can be set to grade a question. Learn more about answer outcome

Customizable Design

Any test you create can look just the way you need. Learn more about customizable design


Topics can be assigned to any question. Questions from certain topics can be used in custom testing. The topic can be anything such as math, linguistics, biology, or computer networking depending on the test type.

Random Ordering of Questions and Choices

Questions can be asked in a random order, and choices in multiple choice questions can be randomly re-arranged every time a student takes the test. This, in effect, prevents students from simply memorizing the number of the correct answer. All or only some of the choices can be randomly ordered.

Time limits

Custom time limit is available for each individual question, group of questions, and/or the entire test.

Question Weight

Weighing questions makes scoring easier. Each question can be assigned a number of points assigned for answering the question correctly. In psychological tests, each selection can be assigned a certain number of points. If multiple selections are possible in a given question type, the points can add up for selecting more than one choice.

Feedback and Comments

It is possible to add the ability to leave feedback to all questions. Different options are available depending on whether or not the question is answered correctly.

Test Variables

Test variables are new in Adit Testdesk 2. Variables allow for more flexible customization of tests and questions, as well as for advanced grading scenarios. Learn more about test variables

Secure Tests and Exams

All editions of Adit Testdesk are able to create tests and exams that are fully secure and tamper-proof, while most editions allow setting basic access restrictions. Learn more about secure tests and exams

Multimedia Information & Case Studies

Each question can be illustrated with a still picture, audio, or animation. Multimedia clips can be embedded or displayed in a new window. It is possible to set a restriction on how many times a particular clip can be displayed. Case studies are simple trees where students can add plain text to each tree branch.

Manual Grading

The ability to grade certain questions and types of questions manually allows creating advanced, flexible tests. Learn more about manual grading

Advanced Reporting

Advanced reporting capabilities allow conveniently viewing, organizing and analyzing the results of an exam. Learn more about advanced reporting

Result Management

Grades and final results are easy to manage, transfer from one file to another, password-protect or compress. Learn more about result management

Customizable Reports

Adit Testdesk offers a variety of fully customizable reports. Learn more about customizable reports

Analytic Reports

Analytic reports allow analyzing how your students perform. Learn more about analytic reports

Client-Server Testing

Server-based testing allows using multiple network-connected PCs to examine students. Server-based testing is secure, reliable and convenient, with all information stored securely on a central server. Learn more about client-server testing

URL Handling

With URL handling, testing can be invoked by clicking a link in a Web page. Learn more about URL handling


Secure Server Edition offers a number of additional security enhancements over other editions. Learn more about security

Rules and Quotas

With rules and quotas, it is possible to define which tests are available to a student based on her IP address or group ID. Learn more about server rules and quotas

Server Actions

Server actions allow initializing, automating processing of test results, and submitting the results on the server. Learn more about server actions

Session Saves

You can now save sessions manually or automatically. Manual session saves may allow students to take breaks during the test (subject to your testing policies), while automatic saves will reliably protect testing sessions against connection drops and other accidents.

Remote Administration

Enterprise Server and Secure Server editions allow controlling the test server remotely. Learn more about remote administration


Certain server actions can be performed on a schedule. Learn more about chedule tasks