Server-based testing allows grading, storing, and analyzing the results in a single place. Server-based tests are utterly more secure than local ones as test clients have no information on which answers are correct, and which ones are not. Everything does directly to the central server for grading, storing, analyzing, and reporting. Essentially, server-based testing eliminates the need to collect the results from multiple PCs. Server-based tests can be performed on a local area network (LAN) or over the Internet, and are available in all Server editions of Adit Testdesk.

Benefits of server-based testing over local tests include:

  1. Security: no information about correct/incorrect answers is stored locally; all grading, analyzing, and reporting is done on the server;
  2. Convenience: collecting, grading, analyzing, and reporting is performed on a single server; all results are accessible from one place;
  3. Full control over who can take a test: server-based testing allows controlling who can and who cannot connect to the test server, which tests and exams are available, and who can take each particular test.