New in Adit Testdesk 3

Adit Testdesk 3 is not just a minor update. Featuring major improvements in both usability and functionality, the new release is easier to use, offers a great deal of new features, improvements and enhancements while maintaining full compatibility with tests and exams created in earlier versions.

64-bit Edition

Are you a heavy user? Installing the new 64-bit edition on a server enables Adit Testdesk to support a lot more clients compared to the 32-bit edition, bringing the number of supported clients from “a lot” to “virtually unlimited”. You’ll also need a 64-bit version of Windows running on that server.

High DPI support

Using a 4K or higher resolution monitor? The updated version of Adit Testdesk offers a new scaling engine to support high pixel density displays, making the UI just the right size and extremely smooth.

Session Saves

You can now save sessions manually or automatically. Manual session saves may allow students to take breaks during the test (subject to your testing policies), while automatic saves will reliably protect testing sessions against connection drops and other accidents.

Math Equations in Text Editor

You can now embed math formulas and equations in your test assignments. If you ever experienced math equations in Microsoft Word, you already know what you get: we’ve made use of Microsoft’s OpenType MATH fonts to render the equations. LaTeX-like syntax and support for variables make it easy to create adaptive and generated tests.

Styles in the Text Editor

Style support has finally arrived! Use global styles throughout your tests and change your entire tests’ look and feel by just modifying a single style. Ever used an office app? Then you know what styles can be used for!

Improved Variables Output

We’ve enhanced the way you can use variables by adding support for functions and expressions. You can initialize, randomize or calculate variables before the test, creating variable assignments with infinite number of variants. You can also use variables to calculate the correct answer, making it possible to automatically grade variable and generated tests. Finally, you can use fully featured scripts, functions and expressions to calculate values, making it possible to make and grade assignments of unlimited complexity.

List of New and Updated Features

The complete list of new and updated features you can find here.