New in Adit Testdesk 2

Adit Testdesk 2 is not just a minor update. Featuring major improvements in both usability and functionality, the new release is easier to use, offers a great deal of new features, improvements and enhancements while maintaining full compatibility with tests and exams created in earlier versions.

Easier to Learn and to Use

Adit Testdesk 2 is a snap to learn and a pleasure to use thanks to its brand-new, Office 2007-like user interface. Everyone who used the latest version of Microsoft Office will feel immediately at home with the new Adit Testdesk 2.

Better International Support

Tests in non-Latin languages are made easier thanks to the full support of Unicode character sets. With Adit Testdesk 2, you can create and run tests in Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Russian, Greek, and any other language using conventional and non-Latin character sets

New Question Types

The second version of Adit Testdesk offers 16 new types of questions with automatic or manual grading. Essays and spoken response are now fully supported.

New question types at a glance:

  • Build List and Reorder
  • Create a Tree
  • Grid
  • Multiple Grid
  • Constant Sum
  • Essay
  • Gap Fill / Cloze
  • Multiple Hotspot
  • Select And Place
  • Drag And Connect
  • Adobe Flash
  • Date and/or Time
  • Draw
  • Spoken Response
  • File Upload
  • Explanation

Survey Support

It is now possible to create, run, and analyze surveys among other types of tests. With surveys, there is no grading the answers.

Support for Variables

Adit Testdesk 2 extends support for the use of conditional and variable values within tests, actions, and for grading.

List of New and Updated Features

The complete list of new and updated features you can find here.