Test Variables

Test variables can help build personalized tests, choose questions in psychological tests, and create advanced grading scenarios. Variables can be added, subtracted, multiplied, incremented or decremented easily in the test. For example, in multiple selection questions it is possible to assign 1 point for choosing just one correct answer, add 1 point for choosing more correct options, deduct points for selecting incorrect options, and assign a bonus for selecting all the right answers and no wrong ones.

Variables can be used throughout the text of the test. A picture can be insterted such as a photograph of the student. Variables can be used for thorough personalization of all tests, for inserting names, addresses, groups, and so on.

Conditional Output

Variables are a truly powerful tool. They can be used to display or hide any part of the test depending on whether or not certain conditions are met. For example, if a student scores 20 points in a given point, a certain text can be displayed. If the same student only scores 10 points, the text can be different. Variables allow modifying the test itself depending on whether the test is local, remote, or paper-based. For instance, it is possible to insert trivia and explanations in paper-based tests.

Improved Variables Output

Weve enhanced the way you can use variables by adding support for functions and expressions. You can initialize, randomize or calculate variables before the test, creating variable assignments with infinite number of variants. You can also use variables to calculate the correct answer, making it possible to automatically grade variable and generated tests. Finally, you can use fully featured scripts, functions and expressions to calculate values, making it possible to make and grade assignments of unlimited complexity.