Rules and Quotas

Adit Testdesk supports two sets of rules and quotas. Connection rules control whether or not a particular IP address can connect to the test server at all. If connection is allowed, test selection rules are applied to determine which tests are available for a particular user. After that, quotas determine whether the student can or cannot take the test.

  1. Connection Rules. Based on an IP address, these rules define the list of users who can log in, as well as how they log in. Ranges of IP addresses can be allowed or restricted from accessing Adit Testdesk.
  2. Test Selection Rules. Based on user’s IP address, login or group ID, these rules define which tests and profiles are available.
  3. Testing Quotas. Based on user’s IP address, login name, group ID, test and profile, quotas define whether to allow or disallow certain tests. Quotas are handy if restrictions are needed, such as only allowing students to take one test a day.