Text Editor

The text editor included with Adit Testdesk allows creating fully formatted texts with embedded objects. The obvious features such as text and paragraph formatting, fonts, sub and superscripts are supported. Unicode support allows creating texts in non-Latin languages.

Texts produced by Adit Testdesk editor can feature colored and picture backgrounds. Objects such as pictures, charts and tables can be embedded. Printing and print preview, RTF and HTML import and export are also supported.


Style support has finally arrived! Use global styles throughout your tests and change your entire tests’ look and feel by just modifying a single style. Ever used an office app? Then you know what styles can be used for!

Math Equations

You can now embed math formulas and equations in your test assignments. If you ever experienced math equations in Microsoft Word, you already know what you get: we’ve made use of Microsoft’s OpenType MATH fonts to render the equations. LaTeX-like syntax and support for variables make it easy to create adaptive and generated tests.