Automate Exams and Grading with Adit Testdesk

If you teach courses in a college or university, you run tests and exams quite often. Preparing an exam and assigning points is a complex and time-consuming process. Running it is another complex matter; and there aren't many things that take more time than grading the exams. And don't forget entering those grades into the system, which can take another hour or two depending on the size of the course.

In the hi-tech era of computers, paper-based tests are quickly becoming obsolete. They are too complex to prepare and run, and consume too much time. Grading precision is highly human-dependent and the grades are often disputed by the students with the teachers or grading assistants.

Using computers for running tests is quickly becoming a standard. Computer-based tests are faster to prepare and more secure to run. The questions can be graded instantly and precisely.

Adit Testdesk is a comprehensive software suite that enables you to create, run, and grade a wide variety of fully adaptive tests on a variety of academic, technological or psychological subjects. Unlike many systems with similar features, Adit Testdesk was developed with usability in mind, making it easy for a teacher to learn and to use.

The product is optimized for busy environments and complex testing. You can give each test and every question a unique appearance with a customizable design. Adit Testdesk handles all types of questions from the paper-based tests, and introduces new ones that are only possible with the use of a computer. You can, for example, embed apicture, an audio or even a video clip into a question, or even a set of videos as possible choices for an answer. You can embed tables, fonts, colors, and any other types of OLE data objects, making your questions and answers appear just the way you need them to be.

With Adit Testdesk you are in full control of all settings of a test or exam. You control the rules on how the questions are selected, which allows you to create fully adaptive tests. You can group questions into topics, as well as create different testing profiles that describe the scoring and the order of questions, allowing you to run different exams with a single pool of questions.

Security is a very important concern for computer testing, and Adit Testdesk takes this issue very seriously. With a powerful access control system, you can grant different access rights to certain groups of users, assigning different passwords for viewing and modifying test data. The results can be protected with strong encryption to prevent tampering and unauthorized access.

You don't need to install Adit Testdesk on every student's computer. It is easy to create executable files for your tests. They can be run on every computer, either stand-alone or from a network server. A special server edition allows performing tests over the local network or the Internet.

And grading the exams could not be any easier. Besides the obvious multiple choice options, Adit Testdesk includes support for scripting tests, where a script determines the result of the testing. This allows using crossing scales, and provides the ability to analyze the results.

With Adit Testdesk, you can import and export test data and test results into a universal XML format, which allows you to perform comprehensive analysis in any application supporting the XML format, such as Microsoft Excel.

An evaluation version of Adit Testdesk is available as a free download. Get your copy today at: