Adit Testdesk: An Absolute Everything for Those Who Make Tests (February 9, 2007)

All in One Testing Suite to Create, Administer and Process Tests in Any Sphere of Knowledge

Adit Software today announces the release of Adit Testdesk, version 1.3, a testing utility that provides you with everything you can possibly need to create a test in any sphere of knowledge.

"In our life we constantly meet with tests, starting with very simple ones and up to some extremely difficult ones that can earn us a degree. We do those tests, consider them easy or difficult, good or bad, but we usually don't think of those who create test. Here, at Adit Software we believe testmakers deserve great praise for what they do and a professional and most effective tool to help them with it. That was the reason why we created Adit Testdesk," says Denis Sletkov, CEO of Adit Software. "In a little more than half a year since the release of Adit Testdesk first public version we've managed to create a testing system that covers all main aspects of tests' life from creation to analysis of results. What helped us a lot was constant feedback from Adit Testdesk thankful users. Their proposals of program's improvement are the strongest engine of Adit Testdesk development."

Adit Testdesk's tests sphere of application is virtually unlimited. You can use them to test pupils' or students' knowledge in academic subjects, evaluate the personal skills and professional competence of a job applicant or an employee. Adit Testdesk support of scripts makes it not only possible but really easy to design tests that proceed, depending on previous answers (often used in psychology), or that have interdependent scales of test results evaluation. A system of profiles allows you to use the same pool of questions with variations in different tests. Adit Testdesk robust library with its more than 10 question types lets you create a test of any complexity level. Combine in your test true-false questions, multiple choice questions, matching questions and many more. The look of the test may be easily customized according to your needs, using not only text, but also images, tables and OLE objects.

In case of tests, security plays a very important role - you have to be sure the answers given reflect the knowledge and not the ability to crack the test. Taking this into consideration, Adit Testdesk allows you to encrypt test files and results using the industry-standard strong cryptographic algorithm (Blowfish). You can also set several passwords for your test with different access rights (both for access and for editing). When a test is run over a network Adit Testdesk uses a client-server (TCP/IP) technology. As a result, a client receives only necessary information and has no access to a test file.

Today Adit Testdesk is the most comprehensive testing system, comprising all possible approaches to testing and the only way to learn its whole versatility and effectiveness is to use it. If your organization or company works in the sphere of testing, Adit Testdesk will certainly be much more than worth its price for you.

With Adit Testdesk You Can:

  • Create virtually any test, exam or quiz you need
  • Protect your tests from unauthorized access
  • Employ 14 question types
  • Customize the look of your test with not only text, but also images, tables and OLE objects
  • Attach audio, video and pictures to your questions
  • Export and Import both tests and test results in XML format
  • Create reports on tests results using templates
  • Set time limitations for a test
  • Customize the design of tests for your needs
  • Adjust tests according to your own needs
  • Have full control over interpretation of results as the tests are scripted
  • Create program independent tests in EXE format
  • Enjoy easy-to-use, user-friendly interface

Pricing & Availability

Adit Testdesk runs under Windows 98/2000/Me/XP/2003 and its Standard Edition costs $69 (US) while the company also offers Professional, Enterprise, Standard Server, Professional Server and Enterprise Server editions, the Feature Matrix of which can be found at and the pricing at Registered customers are entitled to free updates and lifetime technical support. An evaluation version of Adit Testdesk is available as a free download at

About Adit Software

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