Creating Even the Most Sophisticated Tests Is a Snap with Adit Testdesk (February 10, 2010)

NEW YORK, NY - Adit Software has announced the newest version of Adit Testdesk, the full-featured software enabling a user to create and run tests, and to analyze test results. Adit Testdesk 2.0 provides the host of new features and improvements to facilitate building and grading tests, from basic surveys to sophisticated exams. Those familiar with Office 2007 will get instantly comfortable with the program thanks to the new user interface.

Powerful yet intuitive, the program allows creating a new test, exam or quiz quickly and easily. Designed to streamline building tests for almost any purpose, Adit Testdesk supports four types of tests: survey, assessment test (with advanced scoring available), personality test, and script type featuring advanced scripts for grading. What's more, the software gives users the capability of creating paper-based tests, so that they could enjoy the benefits of computer-based design to the fullest.

Adit Testdesk offers a whole variety of question types, including grid and matching questions, spoken response and file upload questions, flash and draw questions, and many more. While the wide range of question types ensures that you can create a truly comprehensive test, the built-in feature-rich text editor allows giving your tests modern and professional look.

New to this release are test variables, allowing a user to further customize tests and create advanced grading scenarios. Developed to give you more flexibility, test variables can be employed to personalize tests through adding name, contact information, and so on. You can also use variables to display or hide any part of the test if certain conditions are met.

Adit Testdesk simplifies testing, providing the comprehensive set of tools to guide you step by step through the process - from building and running a test to grading it and analyzing the results - and make it easy and enjoyable for you.

Pricing and Availability

Adit Testdesk is compatible with Microsoft® Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 2008 and Windows 7, and the Standard Edition of the program costs $69.00 for a single user license. Apart from the Standard Edition Adit Software offers Professional, Enterprise, Standard Server, Professional Server, Enterprise Server and Secure Server Editions. Licensed users are entitled to maximum priority technical support and 12 months of free upgrades. Further information on features and pricing of the product is available at

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