The purpose of Editor is design and editing tests. The editor also lets you specify the preferences of test administration. It has a built-in word processor, which you can use to create a set of questions to use them in tests of different formats. You will be able to customize a test to your specific needs using the test profiles. The layout of questions and the test window can be customized too in the built-in designer tool.

Test design in Editor is simple. First you define the properties of the test including its title, author, theme, and other parameters. You can also limit access to a test and set up permissions for user groups. The editor allows you to make 3 types of tests, including Assessment, Personality and Script. In an assessment test, each answer may be either right or wrong. In a personality test, each answer scores points. In a script test, the assessment of the testee's answers follows a script.

Adit Testdesk gives you a choice of more than 30 types of questions that can be added simply by clicking on the add button on the top toolbar. For each question, you must type in its text, and then specify a range of choices for an answer, customize other question properties, such as topics, time limits, hints, feedback notification. You can also edit its layout, add attachments (image, audio, and video files) to show during the test and define correct answers and weights.

The built-in word processor in Adit Testdesk Editor allows you to edit the text of a question, a feedback notification for a selected question, format the text and embed objects. The text may contain lists, hyperlinks, images, and tables. Among many options, the word processor has a built-in automatic spellchecking functionality and thesaurus that will take care of literacy and style.