The purpose of Reporter is to report back general and detailed information on testing. The reporter enables rapid creation of a report using templates and test results. A wide range of built-in filters will help you filter the data, so that only relevant information is included into a report.

The general information on each testing may include the name and login of a testee, the amount of time spent on a particular test, test results, etc. All this information is displayed in the Result Data Area, which can be customized to show the fields that you need to see.

The detailed information on each report is also available. There is a choice of two different reports. The one displays answers to questions provided by a testee. The other displays the log of actions taken by a testee during a test. You can easily switch between two report views with one click.

There is a selection of filters that can be applied to a report. They help you include relevant information into a test report, giving you an ability to focus on the results of any given user, test, time, answer, score, etc. To apply a filter, simply select and click the one you need.