Tester provides testees with a handy interface for testing. Testees can use it to go to the next or previous question. Besides, the interface allows viewing audio, video, and graphics added to a question, read tips to a question and, using the bookmarks system, bookmark a question to quickly return to it later. The status panel of the Tester displays additional information about the process of testing. When the test is over, testees can print their results or save them to a plain text file.

Tester starts to the Welcome window with five large buttons:

  • Start Testing
  • Options
  • Show a help
  • About Adit Testdesk
  • Close the program

Clicking on the "Start Testing" button starts a test.

Clicking on the "Options" button opens a dialog where you can customize the program's interface and connection settings. The "Options" dialog offers you many opportunities to customize the interface the way you want it. You can change the language of the interface, change the font, style of the user interface, and enable interface effects like dragging, resizing, and transparency.

In the "Options" dialog, you can enable and customize Results and Test features. Testing results can be saved to a default directory (e.g. My Documents). Or, you can save them to any directory of your choice. There is also an opportunity to save results to one file or several separate files. The format of saving may be native or XML. The former format can be used only by Reporter.